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Re: [IP] Pump vacation/Lantus

At 08:39 AM 6/22/02, you wrote:
>If you think these "bad posts about them" are an indication that there are
>more problems with the pump than without, then you are mistaken.   :>)
>You should have read what our lives were like BEFORE we went on the pump!
>(pump error free for almost 4 years, but still have occasional problems with
>that flaky control unit between my ears)        ;>)

I second this sentiment.  Before my pump, my control was the equivalent of 
a roller coaster ride all day, every day.  Now, with the pump my glucose 
levels are much more stabilized and more level.  No matter what problems 
with the pump, they are much less than my prior problems on MDI and I 
wouldn't give up the pump for anything (except a cure).  YMMV.

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