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[IP] Life is better with a pump

Well said, George!  I am on my way to take a JDRF Bag of Hope to a newly
diagnosed 10 year old girl and her family.  My husband commmented that some
family's life has just forever changed.  Yet, with the pump, my kid is at
camp (see my above post), we're on our way to the beach for a week of family
vacation, and diabetes will NOT rule our schedule while we're there, and my
kid is a happy 13 year old whose worst concerns are actually that her
boyfriend is in Viriginia for the summer, and that her zits are a pain.
We've had 2 brands of pumps so far (H-tron and Minimed 508), and I've liked
certain features about both of them, both companies have given me about
equal amounts of good service and have been about equally aggrevating on
occasions.  I wish Minimed had their ducks in a row about the Paradigm
exchange, but this too shall work its way out.  But, whatever aggrevations
we've had with the pump, it is WAY BETTER than life on shots.  Your post
helped me to remember that.  And Gale, don't worry about our whining, get a
pump.  You'll be better off.

Nancy Morgan
Mom of Jenna, age 13, dx'ed age 8, pumping age 9

On 6/21/02 10:17 AM, "Gale" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  I hope this helps. My doctor is trying to get me started with the
> pump. It's scary because I see so many bad posts about them. I hope I have
> better luck. I'm so tired of taking all the shots.
> Take care
> Gale

If you think these "bad posts about them" are an indication that there are
more problems with the pump than without, then you are mistaken.   :>)

You should have read what our lives were like BEFORE we went on the pump!

(pump error free for almost 4 years, but still have occasional problems with
that flaky control unit between my ears)        ;>)
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