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[IP] Independence

Well, I've survived the week.  Jenna (age 13, dx'ed at 8) has been at
gymnastics camp with her teammates all week, 800 miles from home, and
besides her friends and coaches knowing that she is diabetic, no one else
there knew how to take care of her diabetes.  We had cellphones, but quite
honestly, she never called to ask a question about her diabetes.  When she's
called to tell me about her new skills, or about the horseback rides, she's
said her numbers are "all over the place," but why should they be any
different than they are at home?  Isn't puberty grand?  It's a great feeling
to know that your kid is really ready to go out on her own, but I am so
looking forward to getting her home tonight!
My question is, what age do people turn their kids loose (or, with you
adults, what age were you really ready to be turned loose)?  Am I pushing
things?  Thank heavens for the new Sil-serter, it really lets her be
independent with putting in sites (she puts them in her backside, and she
really couldn't do them without the Sil-serter), and I had all her resevoirs
pre-loaded for her.  I hope this was a good thing for all of us.

Nancy Morgan
Mom of Jenna, age 13, dx'ed 2/98, pumping 9/98
Former H-tron user, current 508 user, impatiently awaiting the Paradigm
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