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[IP] Meters - yet again

	Scott inquired about the Precision QID pen meter.  Like Jan, I was given
one at a diabetes fair a year or so ago.  It is an extremely convenient
meter to carry in one's shirt pocket (I added a shirt clip to the lancing
device and also carry that in my shirt pocket - the only possible
downside being I look like an engineer).  
	The meter works less efficiently than the Ultra - it does not take up
the blood droplet, so you must get the droplit on a relatively small test
site with a pretty good aim; also, it takes 20+ seconds to give the
reading.  But, as you can imagine, you can't beat the convenience of
being able to carry the whole sheband (sp?) in your shirt pocket.
	I further agree with Jan that I would call the company and ask for one. 
My booklet said they would replace the meter when it wore our (this, as I
recall, was said in the context that you don't replace batteries) and
they still sell the test strips.  I cannot comment on durability as it is
only an occasional meter for me (my regulars being One Touch and One
Touch Ultra).

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