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Re: [IP] Re:Paradigm problems

  The overall ratio of minimed pumps to other pumps is 
why you see more complaints about minimed.  Most of the 
pumps sold in this country are Minimed Pumps.  I have a 
minimed 508 and love it.  I have used this pump since 
6/9/00.  I did have to send it back once cause i got a 
bunch of no delivery alarms.  I believe I was speaking 
to minimed between 4  and 5 EST.  They had a pump to me 
by 9:30 am the next day.  This was after one person had 
went over troubleshooting the pump with me.  We got it 
back to working and then it did it again.  Pumps are an 
electronic machine.  With any piece of electronic 
machines you have you will encounter a variety of 
problem.  In dealling with Minimed over the last 2 year 
they have been great for me.  One time I called after 
being told I was not going to get a Sil Serter with my 
orde.  I hung up the phone got annoyed and phoned 
Minimed back.  I explained that if i were unable to 
insert a sil on my own due to injury I did not feel my 
mom could do it.  The women talked to someone else while 
I was on hold since they did not have any sil serters 
available in her area.  They were on back order.She  
came back on and transferred me to another lady.  She 
took my name and address an the sil serter was here in 2 
days.  When I first started using the sils minimed sent 
me sets at least 3 or 4 different times.  Then I asked 
if i could exchange the soft sets for the Sils.  They 
even took the ones not in a box back for me.  Oh yes, 
and my latest a1c was 6.8 MY LOWEST EVER.  Getting off 
my soap box now.  Wait maybe not now.  I also know that 
due to my RSD the spinal stimulor I may end up on will  
probably be made by minimed.  I also imagine the 
epidural pump maybe made by them also.
   Wendy Ort, one very happy minimed custermor, curley 
blue(mm 508 pump), MOe the Freestyle meter and Larry the 
lancer togethere we are the three stooges.
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