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Re: [IP] Pardigm supply exchanges - latest info

I, fortunately, had my supplies just right.  Looking forward to my upgrade I
calculated out how much of what I would need for my 508 to get me through
the class.  I called up National Diabetes Pharmacy (who I have to go through
for my insurance) and let them know I was on the exchange program.  They got
everything approved through the ins. co. and I now have the quantities for
my 508 to get me through and I now have my 3 months worth for the Paradigm.
That part was pretty hassle-free.

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Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 8:35 PM
Subject: [IP] Pardigm supply exchanges - latest info

> SOOOOOOOOO - I gave the Next Step program folks a call at: 866-874-3150.
> Told them I had 6 boxes of supplies I needed to have exchanged.  They,
> in turn, gave me this number: 1-800-933-3322.
> Called that one up and talked to somebody about the exchange.  Told her
> I had 6 boxes of infusion sets and 3 boxes of reservoirs.  I had three
> distinct sets of lot numbers - 2 boxes each.
> She asked me for the lot #s on the boxes.  I gave them to her, and she -
> I'm guessing - was able to look up when the boxes were ordered by me.
> Then she told me that "they are all over 30 days old, and policy says da
> da da da.  But!  I'll ask my manager if we can exchange your two newest
> boxes from your October order."  (You see - I had a years worth of
> supplies back in October and haven't made an order since in anticipation
> of the Paradigm upgrade.)  Was put on hold for a bit.  (I felt like I
> was trying to make a deal for a new car at the dealership.)  She came
> back and said - "Sure, we'll exchange the 2 newest boxes."  Then she
> said, "Of course, you'll want the clear coat protection package?"
> (Kidding.)
> I asked what about the other 4 boxes of infusion sets, and the other
> reservoir box.  She suggested donating them to a diabetes program or a
> hospital.
> So, everyone, tell me again why someone would want to take part in this
> upgrade program?
> On the positive side:
> You get a cool looking new pump.
> Simpler loading of reservoirs.
> Nicer menu system.
> Slightly Smaller - but (see below)
> Waterproof
> Standard batteries.
> On the negative side:
> You are locked into Medtronic/Minimed proprietary supplies.  (I lose
> more than $600 dollars on the deal.)
> Battery only lasts 2 weeks (or so).  Pump will nominally give you 6
> hours warning when battery is low.
> No belt clip means using a case with a clip - thereby destroying the
> 'smaller' benefit.
> Anyway - if someone wants go to bat with Medtronic on this exchange
> issue, that'd be great.  Otherwise, I have to really  reconsider this
> thing.
> But I swear, if I decide against (or for) the upgrade - this will likely
> be the last Medtronic/Minimed pump I own.  Too bad - they could have had
> me for life.
> David
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