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[IP] Pardigm supply exchanges - latest info

SOOOOOOOOO - I gave the Next Step program folks a call at: 866-874-3150.
Told them I had 6 boxes of supplies I needed to have exchanged.  They,
in turn, gave me this number: 1-800-933-3322.

Called that one up and talked to somebody about the exchange.  Told her
I had 6 boxes of infusion sets and 3 boxes of reservoirs.  I had three
distinct sets of lot numbers - 2 boxes each.

She asked me for the lot #s on the boxes.  I gave them to her, and she -
I'm guessing - was able to look up when the boxes were ordered by me.
Then she told me that "they are all over 30 days old, and policy says da
da da da.  But!  I'll ask my manager if we can exchange your two newest
boxes from your October order."  (You see - I had a years worth of
supplies back in October and haven't made an order since in anticipation
of the Paradigm upgrade.)  Was put on hold for a bit.  (I felt like I
was trying to make a deal for a new car at the dealership.)  She came
back and said - "Sure, we'll exchange the 2 newest boxes."  Then she
said, "Of course, you'll want the clear coat protection package?"

I asked what about the other 4 boxes of infusion sets, and the other
reservoir box.  She suggested donating them to a diabetes program or a

So, everyone, tell me again why someone would want to take part in this
upgrade program?

On the positive side:

You get a cool looking new pump.
Simpler loading of reservoirs.
Nicer menu system.
Slightly Smaller - but (see below)
Standard batteries.

On the negative side:
You are locked into Medtronic/Minimed proprietary supplies.
Battery only lasts 2 weeks (or so).  Pump will nominally give you 6
hours warning when battery is low.
No belt clip means using a case with a clip - thereby destroying the
'smaller' benefit.

Anyway - if someone wants go to bat with Medtronic on this exchange
issue, that'd be great.  Otherwise, I have to really  reconsider this

But I swear, if I decide against (or for) the upgrade - this will likely
be the last Medtronic/Minimed pump I own.  Too bad - they could have had
me for life.

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