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[IP] Re:Neuropathy or Carpal Tunnel

I had a similar situation about a year ago.  I had what I thought was 
Carpal Tunnel.  When I went for the nerve conduction tests the neurologist 
told me that it was Neuropathy not Carpal Tunnel.  I already knew that my 
feet will go to sleep at times in certain positions and that this was due 
to a Polyneuropathy.  Since I had a Carpel Tunnel surgery on the other hand 
a number of years previous, I felt that the symptoms were very similar to 
that hand.  I asked for a second opinion and the 2nd Neurologist also felt 
that there was a good chance that it was Carpel Tunnel, not the 
Neuropathy.  When I talked to the hand surgeon, she said that the only way 
to be sure was to go in and if that is what I wanted she was 
willing.  Well, after living with a hand that was numb more often than not 
and it was beginning to affect my work.... I decided to go for the 
surgery.  The recoup time was not long and I was back on the job in about 
ten days as I recall.  It may be worth it for you!  I will do it again if I 
ever need to.
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