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Re: [IP] Gastroparesis


I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis about three years ago.  I'm not sure how 
you were diagnosed but I'm told that the only true method of diagnosis is to 
do a test where you go into a x-ray lab and they take an initial x-ray of 
your stomach and upper intestines.  Then, they have you eat a sandwich and a 
glass of milk.  The milk is laced with barium if I remember correctly.  The 
tech then waits a certain amount of time and takes another x-ray.  Then 
waits a little longer and takes another x-ray.  The whole point is to 
determine how quickly the food is moving out of your stomach.

The biggest symptoms that I had were:

1) The sensation of feeling full long after meals.
2) Frequent indigestion.

and the most problematic:

3) My sugars would frequently drop very low after meals and then rocket up 
MUCH later since the food was taking longer then it should have to get into 
my system.

I was on reglan for a while but started having nasty side-effects and am now 
on Erythromiacin (sp?).

See a specialist, get the test.

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