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RE: [IP] Recent travel thru airport

I had a similar experience when I flew recently for business.  I had to go 
through security when flying out at LAX and then coming home from Nashville. 
  When I went through the check point at LAX, the woman asked what it was, I 
told her.  She asked if I could take it off and I said "not without 
unzipping my pants."  I reached for the top button on my jeans and she 
quickly said "that's alright! I believe you."  I may be an extrovert but I'm 
not about to strip completely at the LAX security check point...  She 
quickly sent me and my bags on our way.

When I came home from Nashville, I was pulled aside and scanned thoroughly.  
They didn't make me disconnect from the pump but I did have to take it off 
my belt and show them the reservoir inside.  That satisfied their curiosity.

Considering the amoung of traffic that comes through LAX, I'm surprised that 
the security in Nashville made me feel more secure.

Point of interest...  the pump doesn't set off the alerts in the detectors 
that you have to walk through.


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