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RE: [IP] RE: Breakfast cereals was Stressed and Confused

Mark Capozzoli wrote:
I find Cheerios to be about the best to maintain a decent sugar level 2-3
hours later.  Eating sugar coated cereal leads me down the path of very high
bg's by 10:00a. with an extremely quick digestion rate.  I do bolus more
than normal to account for the extra simple sugars if I do go the with the
*Frosted Flakes* vs. Cheerios but then becomes a guessing game.
Maybe Cheerios is a high glycemic food to some people but I find it the best
all around breakfast cereal with Rice Crispies coming 2nd.

Hi Group,

Thought I'd throw my vote into the ring (am I mixing metaphors?) regarding
breakfast cereals. I, too, have found over the course of several years that
Cheerios is the overall best cereal for maintaining a level BG reading both
one and two hours post prandial.

Of course, YMMV. But I just don't get this glycemic index thing. It is so
far off the mark for me. I can choose low GI foods and still spike big time.

Off that subject for a moment. Most of my posts recently have been about my
decision of whether to go with the Animus R1000 or the Paradigm. I made my
decision, finally, two days ago and my new pump is waiting for me at my
house as we speak, compliments of FedEx.

I choose the Paradigm, in spite of all the complaints I've read on the list.
I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have problems with it. After holding
both pumps in my hands, programming them, bolusing with them, connecting
infusions sets, and just really putting them both through the paces, I
definitely thought that the Paradigm was an easier pump to use. Hope I still
think that after pump start.

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