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[IP] Re:Paradigm pump exchange

I am a customer service representative for the biggest printing company in
the state of Maine. I understand where your frustrations are coming from to
a degree. The fact that the date for your exchange has been moving out
perhaps was a scheduling problem at Minimed or a manufacturing problem
(couldn't keep up with the demand). Did you ask why? If so what was there
answer? The fact that you may have to drive 3 hours both ways to get your
new paradigm may be inconvenient for you during your vacation but let me
assure you, it will be well worth the sacrifice.
I am sure that Minimed is well aware of there short comings in the customer
service area of there company and they are working hard to improve. I
personally have not had any bad experiences with Minimed and have found
them to be responsive to my needs. I know that many of Minimeds reps are
subscribed to this list. I would be surprised if one of them has not
responded to your post. If they have please let us know how they responded.
New pumpers or those that are considering pumping, Maeve's note is well
worth the information that it contains about some of the frustrations that
could be encountered with any pump manufacturer but I am sure it is not the
normal course of business.
My suggestion for a solution is to make the best out of a inconvenience and
make the trip. Try not to go at it with a bad taste in your mouth, voice
your frustrations constructively to Minimed and ask them if they have
solutions to offer to you better than what they have already. If not then
your choices are fairly obvious.
Michael Chambers
I love Minimed

Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 17:32:07 -0400
From: Maeve Kelly <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Paradigm pump exchange

Is anyone else having trouble with Minimeds exchange program?  We were
supposed to get our new paradigm pumps in January ( for Rochester, N.Y.)
and the date kept getting pushed back. Now the date is Friday July 19th,
and guess what I'm on Vacation!  I called Minimed and they said I'd have
to come back from Vacation or drive 3 hours to another city(each way)
for a 3 hour class!!   THey said if I didn't like that they'd call me in
Sept.  to let me know where the next exchange program would be in the
fall!!  I wish I never signed up for this exchange program!!  My 508 has
consistently given me problems, I exchanged it once and their
replacement one had the same problems( the buttons froze up and the pump
wouldn't give a bolus!!)

Anyone have any solutions for me!!   I'm getting the Animas in 4 years,
I hate minimed!!

Maeve Kelly
pumping 5 years
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