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[IP] Pump vacation/Lantus

I know there's been a ton of threads on this. But...
Even though the Novolog has helped alleve many of my
site woes, I'm still having weird site failures, or I
find I'm at 400 with ketones and I remove my set only
to find that it's not delivering insulin, although no
alarm has gone off. Anyway, I'm kicking the stupid
pump to the curb for at least a while, maybe
permanently, depending on how well Lantus works. WHen
I was on NPH before I went on the pump, I was half
dead from unpredictable BG swings EVERY DAY. And
though I've been trepidatious about trying MDI again,
my doc SWEARS that Lantus is different, no peaks, etc.
Well, I wasn't having problems with peaks - my actual
requirements were changing every day. Not so with the
pump, where amid all the troubles, I was at least on 1
basal rate throughout the day. So I'm worried about
absorption issues with MDI. If anyone has experience
with Lantus, good or bad, please email me. 
Thanks IP,

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