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[IP] RE: meters - yet again

I have another meter question.  About 10 years ago, Medisense sold a meter
that was shaped and sized like a pen.  Of course, product lines change, but
apparently their Precision QID meter is sold in a pen format in Europe, but
mysteriously, not in the US.  I am using the One Touch Ultra meter now, but
even it is not really small enough to fit in my pockets unless I'm wearing a
jacket which is rare during the summer.  Does anyone know if the Precision QID
pen-shaped meter is available for sale by mail order anywhere (perhaps in the
UK) and if so, do you have an address?

I've always hated having to carry all of this stuff around, and its gotten
worse since going on the pump.  When are these meter companies going to
realize that guys don't carry around purses can't carry around all of these
things disreetly and easily.  Having a meter that size would be really great. 
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