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RE: [IP] Re:Paradigm problems

It's interesting that you refer to MM relying on marketing rather than
customer satisfaction, on another totally unrelated list I'm on, the same
discussion is going on regarding another company!

I do agree that this whole fiasco is pretty bad, my prior post complaining
about MM was only minutes after getting off the phone with someone who was
far from polite, and didn't sound like he was enjoying his job much that
day.  It will be interesting to see what happens to MM's market share when
the newer pumps become more established, and even more newcomers hit the
market, like Deltec's Cosmo.. very cute little pump they are developing, and
I'm sure it will be a hit once it's FDA approved, due only to it's looks and
people looking for an alternative to MM..


You wrote:
> It's going to be interesting to see what Animas' and MiniMed's market
> is in about 4 yrs if things stay like they are right now. I think MM is
> relying too much on marketing and too little on customer satisfaction.
> Mike
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