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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #408

On 6/20/02 8:33 PM, "Allison Kane" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Actually, Disetronic's own website says "Waterproof". Their reps say
> "Waterproof", at least ours does. You are supposed to be able to swim with
> it on (According to their website, literature, and reps).
> Incidently, we had the opportunity to "test" out the waterproofness of our
> son's DTron this last week at Lake Powell. It failed, completely,
> unrecoverable. It was in the water less than 30 seconds.
> Allison

Things must have changed.  Though their Search engine wasn't functioning for
me on their website, I looked at all the pages (I believe) about the D-tron
and the strongest wording I found was  "watertight"   I downloaded the
current manual for the D-tron and it also went no further than "watertight."
Granted there isn't much difference in that wording, but I feel that any use
of the word "waterproof" carries such a strong assurance of reliability that
most manufacturers are afraid of using the word.  I know Disetronic is, I'm
an H-tron user.       ;>)
>> Carefully read the manufacturers' literature.  Listen carefully
>> to the pump
>> reps.  If any rep says "waterproof" it is a slip-up, human error.  Others
>> working for the pump manufacturers may correct me, but I believe all pumps
>> currently marketed in the U.S. are merely water resistant.

(almost four years of error free pumping, except for some really lousy
batteries for quite awhile)
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