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[IP] Neuropathy or carpal tunnel

Hi. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel in my left hand,
after doing some nerve tests. I was told some nerves were dying off, and that
I should have surgery within the next six months. Well, I kept putting it off
and still havent had the surgery. Now, if my hands or feet are in the same
position for more than just a short period of time, I get the sensation of
them falling asleep (the same symptom as carpal tunnel, I was told). I was
under the impression that neuropathy is also nerves dying off. So my question
is, how can they tell the difference between carpal tunnel and neuropathy? I
really dont want to go through surgery, especially if its unneccessary. I had
a cast on just my left hand for three weeks last year and couldnt do much. I
hate the thought of losing the use of my right hand, even for a short time,
while my wrist is healing from surgery. Does anyone out there know the
difference? Any help would be appreciated.

diagnosed 20 years ago, pumping for nine months
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