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[IP] Paradigm pump exchange

Is anyone else having trouble with Minimeds exchange program?  We were
supposed to get our new paradigm pumps in January ( for Rochester, N.Y.)
and the date kept getting pushed back. Now the date is Friday July 19th,
and guess what I'm on Vacation!  I called Minimed and they said I'd have
to come back from Vacation or drive 3 hours to another city(each way)
for a 3 hour class!!   THey said if I didn't like that they'd call me in
Sept.  to let me know where the next exchange program would be in the
fall!!  I wish I never signed up for this exchange program!!  My 508 has
consistently given me problems, I exchanged it once and their
replacement one had the same problems( the buttons froze up and the pump
wouldn't give a bolus!!)

Anyone have any solutions for me!!   I'm getting the Animas in 4 years,
I hate minimed!!

Maeve Kelly
pumping 5 years
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