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Re: [IP] update on new a1c

> >>> I actually ate pizza the other day, followed the carb count and ran 110
> two hours later. Jana >>>
> Jana,
> The *real* question is: What did you run 4 hrs later, and 6 hrs.
> later, and even 8 hrs later? Pizza can have quite a tail. YMMV (~_^)
The other question is .... was it "real" pizza from a pizza parlor or 
frozen from the supermarket. There is a huge difference in the amount 
of cheese and fat between these two sources with the pizza parlor 
being much higher (the real stuff). Frozen pizza prepared at home 
does not differ a lot from most other foods in glycemic index and the 
way it affects bg's long term. "real" pizza, on the other hand, will 
do a job on your numbers if you don't take into account the affects 4 
- 6 hours later.

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