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[IP] dress and pump

> I just bought my wedding dress and am at a loss for where to put my pump!
> a princess style- almost form fitting bodice with a skirt that flares out
> little at the waist.  It shows if I stick it in my bra or in the top of my
>       hose.  If I stick it further down in my       hose where it won't
show it
> slowly slides down my leg.  I have the thigh thing, it has never worked.
> ideas??  Thank goodness I have until March to figure this out :)  Thanks!

When I wear dresses, I just wear snug bike shorts.  They give some support
as well.  I put the pump in a baby sock, put the sock inside the bike shorts
along the inner thigh, and then safety pin the sock to the bike shorts so
there's no chance of it falling out.  I used to use this same procedure
without the safety pin and it did fall out once (one time too many!).  This
method works great and is totally undetectable.  I usually use the remote
but have occasionally just reached and got it out to bolus (under the table,
in the car, or in the bathroom).
Hope this helps,
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