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Re: [IP] stressed and confused.

At 08:05 AM 6/20/02, you wrote:
>Cherrios are a high glycemic food. The glucose goes in very fast.
>You'd be better of with "junk" cereal that uses sweetners that must
>be digested to release the glucose -- they have a lower glycemic
>index and match the insulin release curve better.  .... or butter
>your toast :-)   to delay the  ingestion of the glucose in the
>cereal, put honey on your cereal, anything to better balance the
>glycemic index of the foods you eat in the morning.
>BTW, don't be stressed, you will get the hang of it sooner than you
>email @ redacted

I have to disagree and say that this is a YMMV situation.  Whether I eat 
sugar-coated Frosted Flakes or plain Cheerios, my glucose will rise the 
same after breakfast.  1 cup of Cheerios is 22g of carb while 3/4 cup of 
Frosted Flakes is 28g of carb, the difference must be all that sugar on the 
cereal.  I struggled for awhile with my post breakfast glucose rise, then 
discovered that I rise after getting up whether I eat or not (did this by 
doing a morning fast).  So, my problem has nothing to do with what I eat, 
but with the post-dawn rise of my bg.   I could not solve this by bolusing 
extra for breakfast either, since the rise had nothing to do with what I 
ate.  My solution is to take a "get out of bed in the morning bolus (1 to 1 
1/2 units depending on morning bg)" and I take this regardless of what I 
eat, whether it's high glycemic cereal or bacon and eggs.  This works great 
for me and keeps my bg on an even keel all morning.  YMMV.

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