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[IP] dyalysis

> My creatnine is jumping like crazy.  In April it was 2.8, last week it was
3.8, this week it is 4.6. <snip>At what number do they "typically" start
dialysis?  Any clue what else would cause my creatnine to be rising so
> Jeanne

Jeanne, it is unusual but if both kidneys are ok as shown on ultrasound a
Renal artery scan may help. The renal artery carries blood to the kidney to
be cleaned, "filtered" if the artery is blocked by a clot or atheroma,
"plaque" and the other kidney is no good for a variety of reasons the
creatinine will jump. Your nephrologist is aware of all of these causes and
will recommend a renal artery scan if appropriate in yor case. a renal
artery scan is an easy procedure to do and painless. be sure the department
doing it has the latest isotope scanner software, like the new GE machine.
so right and left can be measured accurately. other possibilities are too
much diuretics, high protein diet. Dialysis is started based on clinical
picture of the patient. Toxic levels of potassium unresponsive to Kexylate,
Heart failure, peripheral edema, shortness of breath, fatigue are all valid
reasons to begin dyalysis. Sometimes a single treatment can relieve the
symptoms for some time. Hope you do ok and a few elevated creatinines are
not a reason to consider dyalysis. spot

A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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