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[IP] stressed and confused

Hi Molly,
You wrote:
hello all...
i just started on my paradigm pump two weeks ago. things have been going 
ok... but today i feel completely out of control.

i went to bed two hours after changing my infusion site and had a b.s. of 
86. today, i woke up at 177-- higher than i've ever been in the morning. i 
corrected and bolused for my breakfast-- (a bowl of cheerios with milk and 
sugar free hot chocolate.) i tested two hours later and was at 275. at first 
i thought it was my infusion site, but i corrected for the high, tested an 
hour later and was 158, so i was obviously getting insulin. at lunch time, i 
was 133. i bolused for my meal-- a turkey sub from subway. after lunch, i 
made a batch of rice krispie treats, and of course ate some as i went along. 
i guessed on how much to bolus for what i ate, tested an hour after the 
snack and was at 60. i treated my low with 3 gluco tabs and ate nothing 
besides a plain rice cake (which i bolused for) the rest of the afternoon. i 
just tested about a half hour ago and was at 375!!!

i have no idea what is going on and feel completely out of control with 
everything right now

My response:
You didn't say if any of these foods were new to you, or if you have been making adjustments to
your basals, correction factor, and your carb ratios.
Any of these could cause the erratic response you describe.  Or even if you haven't made changes, 
you are probably overcorrecting and/or underbolusing.
It takes time to work out the exact numbers to use in the calculations.
Basals sometimes need to be adjusted.
In fact, if this is a PMS week, it could be that you need a higher basal rate until your period
starts.  I have to adjust my basals every month.
There are so many factors involved.  Learning how your body reacts to different foods and
different situations (PMS, stress, etc.) takes time.
Don't expect every day to be perfect.  You are still human!

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