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[IP] update on new a1c

I have responded to several postings but have never posted by myself so I 
hope I'm sending this to the right place.  Just wanted to update ya'll on my 
A1C.  Didn't do as good as expected.  Went from 5.9 to 7.3.  Did have to 
change my basal rates twice in the last 3 months and blood sugars ran from 
38 to 260 (I contribute this to working two jobs, not getting enough sleep 
and being under a tremendous amount of stress in addition to keeping up with 
a 10 year old).  Will try much harder to get better control this time 
around.  Did have a great cholesterol reading:  167.

P.S.  Thanks to whoever recommended the "Doctor's Pocket Carb Book" (I think 
this was Kathy).  It has come in so handy.  I actually ate pizza the other 
day, followed the carb count and ran 110 two hours later.


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