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Re: [IP] stressed and confused.


I started on my paradigm a month ago, and had a day like you are describing 
shortly after getting my basals all set up (had many like that before the 
basals were figured out). I changed sets because it really seemed like 
something out of the ordinary was wrong. When I looked at the cannula from 
the old quickset, it was slightly bent - probably just enough to cause some 
problems, but not enough to cause an alarm. My theory is that insulin was 
only getting through in bursts, but that's just a guess. You might want to 
try changing the set. Another thing that can cause problems like that for me 
is if its the week before my period - that puts me on a roller coaster for 
several days. I also saw all of my ratios change when I started on the pump. 
You may want to see if you need to change any of your ratios.

Even in my short time on the pump, I have learned that the pump is a great 
tool, but I still have diabetes and there are some wierd days for which I 
have no explanation - I just do my best to correct and hope tomorrow is 
better. As far as the eat anything anytime claim - I find I can do that 
sometimes and not others - if I eat after 7:00 Pm I go either high or low 
during the night - but if I basal test, the basals are perfect(have to work 
on my insulin/carb ratios for evening snacks, but it takes time). Overall, 
after two weeks my averages were worse than pre-pump (last A1c Before 
starting was 6.8) and I was very frustrated, but now at the one month mark, 
my averages are down in the 120's, and I feel like I'm starting to get the 
hang of it. YMMV

Sorry this is so long, but I know where you're coming from. I was there not 
too long ago - The pump is wonderful, but it is not a miracle, and there are 
still restrictions. The first 2-3 weeks are the hardest, even with the great 
support of the people on this list and support from doctors and family 

Type 1 7 years(dxed at 17), pumping 1 month with "Buzz" the minimed paradigm

<snip> this whole pump thing was supposed to
>#1, make me able to eat a wider variety of foods, as long as i bolused for 
>them. i was also promised that my numbers would be more consistent on the 
>pump, but today was completely unpredictable. i hate feeling like i am 
>doing something wrong with my treatment.
>dx. '82 (at age 2), pumping for two and a half weeks.

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