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[IP] Ornish's diet, a personal perspective (long)

Are any others here on the diet proscribed by Dr. Dean Ornish?  I have been
on it for sometime and
find it to be very effective.
My post prandial Bg's are rarely above 130 sometimes 135 with a very large
helping of pasta with
breads.  Otherwise no problems.
It would appear that most here seem to use a low carb diet.  I couldn't
function without my daily
boost of carbs.  I would probably die if I had to remove pastas and breads
from my diet.
Thanks for your input.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Prescription of diets without seeing and examining a patient is always
risky. After my first MI (Heart Attack in 1965) I was given a diet similar
to Dr. Ornish's I was also told to drink some kind of cholesterol lowering
glop, I have blocked the name, I was also told to expend more energy in
physical tasks, I rode my old 3 speed bike to the point of chest pain on
numerous occasions. after a year of this, a cholesterol of 74 mg/dl
resulted. i was more fit. i had the second of a series of "cardiac events"
My doc said, it was the diabetes to which I said, no s**t. Now, I went on
the Pritikin Diet, read Dr. Bernstein"s book was very compulsive about my
blood sugars and my cholesterol was 78. regardless of Dr. Bernstein's claims
I could not get off the 8 injections of insulin i needed to get thru the
day. I considered his claims, complete male bovine feces.A year later,
another cardiac event, this  one almost killed me. In a Jersey Diner, "All
baking done on premises". I stayed on regular insulin 8 times a day. I went
on the pump. No, my problems are not solved. the Ornish diet does work. My
cholesterol went way down The food was not bad and I have not had another
cardiac event.   Pritikin's diet is also a healthy one Even Pritikin who
totally reversed his atherosclerosis and heart disease died of his genetic
inheritance, a gene which said, if other genes here This man dies of
Leukemia  My skinny cousin, Barbara, a Masters degree nurse has IDDM and
swears by Bernstien's diet. No, she is still on Insulin but will not even
consider pumping. She is also an avid golfer and pretty much keeps silent
about her IDDM. She looks real good for her age of 62, she also has a brain
tumor.  You never can beat your genes at their game. Ornish's diet was for
atherosclerosis. spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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