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[IP] re: stressed and confused


first of all i'd say since you've only been on it two weeks, there is still a lot of adjusting to be done. it takes some patience. second, maybe you need to adjust your basal rates? it sounds like you do different amounts of wating and exercise during the day, if you can predict that you'll be eating more or moving more at a certain time you can raise your basals slightly for that time. for instance, i know that the munchies hit me during the afternoon so my basal rate is slightly higher between 2 and 5 pm. i don't eat breakfast and have a tendency to go low in the early morning, so it's lower between 4 and 9 pm. that way, while i am still compensating for food, i have a little more coverage when i feel teh need for cheetos and potato products like i usually do at 3:30 pm. but i am not going low all the time. also (and this may sound weird) your sugars will be closer to normal than they have even been, so lows, while still a concern, won't be as bad as they used to be. i now!
 consider a low to be under 65, whereas i used to feel shaky and awful at below 80. but since my sugars run from 70-120, lows aren't what they used to be. so unless you're definitely headed downhill, i wouldn't flip out at a reading of 60. just grab an extra rice krispy treat (yummy!). you kind of learn to fudge and feel these things out after a while.

the pump *does* make your life more flexible. but it doesn't make everything go away. in some ways you have to be even more on top of things than before. there's no slacking off either way, unfortunately.

if you have questions feel free to email me! i am totally in love with the whole pumping thing and would be happy to talk about it ad nauseam, as are many of the people here.

good luck!


dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10

pumping since 11/21/01

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