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[IP] Re:Off pump procedures...

> > When my daughter has done this, we just use regular every 4 hours for
> > basal and Humalog for bolus. This was injected directly into the seal
> > of the infusion set.
> I'm confused!   How do you inject directly into the seal of the
> infusion set (we use Quick-Sets)????   >>> 

I was also intrigued by Michael's comments about injecting into the infusion 
set.  Claire has only used the Quick-sets.  So last month I carefully 
examined a used one.  There is a very tiny hole in the centre of the set.  It 
is just large enough to insert a fine gauge insulin syringe--I was actually 
surprised to see that water from the syringe will come out through the 
cannula.    I am not at all sure, though, that I would use this method to 
inject insulin, but it does seem like a possibility.  Check it out yourself 
with a used Quick-set.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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