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Re: [IP] RE: Waterproof, Watertight, Water Resistant

On 6/19/02 7:50 PM, "DR Birdsall" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Allison:
> Bingo!  Michael has consistently been using the term "water resistant".
> Others in the thread have been using "waterproof".  You're on the mark
> concerning the difference between the two.  "Waterproof" has almost a legal
> definition (any lawyers out there to help out?).
> Carefully read the manufacturers' literature.  Listen carefully to the pump
> reps.  If any rep says "waterproof" it is a slip-up, human error.  Others
> working for the pump manufacturers may correct me, but I believe all pumps
> currently marketed in the U.S. are merely water resistant.
> Dave


I looked at the FIVE websites of the pump companies;

The Deltec Cozmo does not list specifications yet.

The Dana Diabecare site reads this way:
   "Water Resistant:  IP X 7   "double drop"  Standard  (water tight)"

The Minimed site reads:
"     Water                        Paradigm                       MM508
Compatibility     Water tight (IPX 8)*    Water resistant  (IPX 7)
                * Up to depth of 8 feet for up to 30 minutes"

The Disetronic site reads:
"D-tron      IPX7
Symbol for "watertight" in accordance with standard EN 60601-1: In the event
of temporary submergence in water (up to 3 feet and 30 minutes), such as
when showering, bathing or swimming, the pump is watertight and sealed
against the intrusion of water. "

Most H-troners know the "Waterproof" label has been recalled on that pump.

The Animas website reads:
   "Waterproof:   Tested at 12ft. for 24 hours (IPX8)"

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Allison Kane" <email @ redacted>
>> I'm sorry, but if you have a $5000 piece of equipment, no matter what
> brand,
>> that claims to be waterproof, i.e. it's been tested and being marketed as
>> such. Then it should NEVER get wet inside. If it does, then that is
>> fraudulent marketing. They should change the labeling to "water resistent"
>> or not label it as either resistent or waterproof.
>> Allison
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