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Re: [IP] stressed and confused.

I have the same thing happen to me from time to time Molly.  If anyone
remembers what the name of the effect is (just slipped my mind) can you help
out here.  But I've had where I was running a little high before lunch, at
lunch time I would try to give a correction and bolus at the same time and
over-compensate which would make me drop.  I would drop to like 49 and start
eating.  But by the time I was this low, my pancrease would total stop
producing any insulin to try to compensate for itself, plus me eating to get
it back up would soar my glucose up to 250 - 300.  Then I would have to do a
correction to get it back down again. That's why they want us testing at
3:00 am to see if we have this effect going on in the middle of the night.
(sure wish I could remember what this is called.)  But rest assured you are
not the only one, and I doubt if we are alone.

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Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 6:38 PM
Subject: [IP] stressed and confused.

> hello all...
> i just started on my paradigm pump two weeks ago. things have been going
> ok... but today i feel completely out of control.
> i went to bed two hours after changing my infusion site and had a b.s. of
> 86. today, i woke up at 177-- higher than i've ever been in the morning. i
> corrected and bolused for my breakfast-- (a bowl of cheerios with milk and
> sugar free hot chocolate.) i tested two hours later and was at 275. at
> i thought it was my infusion site, but i corrected for the high, tested an
> hour later and was 158, so i was obviously getting insulin. at lunch time,
> was 133. i bolused for my meal-- a turkey sub from subway. after lunch, i
> made a batch of rice krispie treats, and of course ate some as i went
> i guessed on how much to bolus for what i ate, tested an hour after the
> snack and was at 60. i treated my low with 3 gluco tabs and ate nothing
> besides a plain rice cake (which i bolused for) the rest of the afternoon.
> just tested about a half hour ago and was at 375!!!
> i have no idea what is going on and feel completely out of control with
> everything right now. i hate this feeling. any ideas what might be going
> on??? should i change my infusion site and consider this spot to have bad
> "absorbtion"??? i haven't exercised yet today, but haven't been sedentary
> either. this whole pump thing was supposed to #1, make me able to eat a
> wider variety of foods, as long as i bolused for them. i was also promised
> that my numbers would be more consistent on the pump, but today was
> completely unpredictable. i hate feeling like i am doing something wrong
> with my treatment.
> ~molly
> dx. '82 (at age 2), pumping for two and a half weeks.
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