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        Increase in serum creatinine is seen any renal functional
        impairment. Because of its insensitivity in detecting early renal
        failure, the creatinine clearance is significantly reduced before
        any rise in serum creatinine occurs. The renal impairment may be
        due to intrinsic renal lesions, decreased perfusion of the
        kidney, or obstruction of the lower urinary tract.

        Nephrotoxic drugs and other chemicals include:


        Deranged metabolic processes may cause increases in serum
        creatinine, as in acromegaly and hyperthyroidism, but dietary
        protein intake does not influence the serum level (as opposed to
        the situation with BUN). Some substances interfere with the
        colorimetric system used to measure creatinine, including
        acetoacetate, ascorbic acid, levodopa, methyldopa, glucose and
        fructose. Decrease in serum creatinine is seen in pregnancy and
        in conditions characterized by muscle wasting.


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