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Re: [IP] dress and pump?

In a message dated 6/19/2002 1:08:11 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Actually, if you could get a hold of Nicole Johnson, she talked about that. 
>  believe she is on this list but I don't know if she reads it. When she was 
> Miss
>  America and had to do the walk on stage in a bathing suit, etc. , and I 
> think she
>  said she wore her pump. "Tucked it" somewhere... gawd knows where... ;-)

She did disconnect for the swimsuit part of the competition, but did where it 
for the rest of the competition including the evening gown.  In her latest 
book, she mentions that while waiting backstage to go on her the evening 
gown, Picabo Street (one of the judges) mouthed to her "Are you wearing it?"  
Nicole mouthed back "Yes." and when Picabo mouthed "Where?!?" Nicole hiked up 
her dress to show her . . . 

I always liked that story . . . and I'll always be thankful to Nicole Johnson 
for making Diabetes awareness her platform at the Miss America Pageant and 
for being so open about her pump.  It was thanks to her that my daughter was 
diagnosed very early and that I knew about the existence of insulin pumps -- 
and enough about the potential benefits so that when the doc was so 
discouraging about them at Dx, I went out on my own and found IP and some 
other great web sites that helped me learn the other side of the story (and 
gave me the information and the inspiration necessary to battle the doc and 
the insurance company and get Katie on a pump as soon as I could).

Pumpmama to Katie
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