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Re: [IP] stressed and confused.

> hello all...
> i just started on my paradigm pump two weeks ago. things have been
> going ok... but today i feel completely out of control.
> i went to bed two hours after changing my infusion site and had a
> b.s. of 86. today, i woke up at 177-- higher than i've ever been in
> the morning. i corrected and bolused for my breakfast-- (a bowl of
> cheerios with milk and sugar free hot chocolate.)

Cherrios are a high glycemic food. The glucose goes in very fast. 
You'd be better of with "junk" cereal that uses sweetners that must 
be digested to release the glucose -- they have a lower glycemic 
index and match the insulin release curve better.  .... or butter 
your toast :-)   to delay the  ingestion of the glucose in the 
cereal, put honey on your cereal, anything to better balance the 
glycemic index of the foods you eat in the morning.

BTW, don't be stressed, you will get the hang of it sooner than you 

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