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Re: [IP] creatnine

> My creatnine is jumping like crazy.  In April it was 2.8, last week it was
3.8, this week it is 4.6. <snip>At what number do they "typically" start
dialysis?  Any clue what else would cause my creatnine to be rising so
> Jeanne


The Creatinine Clearance number is what reveals your kidney function. My
creatinine is presently 6.4 and Cr.CL is 12 - which means my kidneys
function at 12%. Usually at or near 10% is when dialysis starts. I will be
starting July 8th - a whole new venture for me. Talk about scary to go on a
pump - this will forever change my life as I know it now, but it is a
stopgap between life and death. With 6 heart blockages, I cannot get listed
for a kptx (kidney/pancreas transplant). I do NOT want to be sawed open!

I am glad you are seeing a nephrologist. Hopefully, you have found a good
one who will answer your questions and meet your needs. I don't know why
your creatinine would jump like that, but the kidneyologist will be able to
explain to your satisfaction - don't leave until you get answers. Have your
questions written down so he/she knows you are prepared. (~_^)

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