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[IP] stressed and confused.

hello all...
i just started on my paradigm pump two weeks ago. things have been going 
ok... but today i feel completely out of control.

i went to bed two hours after changing my infusion site and had a b.s. of 
86. today, i woke up at 177-- higher than i've ever been in the morning. i 
corrected and bolused for my breakfast-- (a bowl of cheerios with milk and 
sugar free hot chocolate.) i tested two hours later and was at 275. at first 
i thought it was my infusion site, but i corrected for the high, tested an 
hour later and was 158, so i was obviously getting insulin. at lunch time, i 
was 133. i bolused for my meal-- a turkey sub from subway. after lunch, i 
made a batch of rice krispie treats, and of course ate some as i went along. 
i guessed on how much to bolus for what i ate, tested an hour after the 
snack and was at 60. i treated my low with 3 gluco tabs and ate nothing 
besides a plain rice cake (which i bolused for) the rest of the afternoon. i 
just tested about a half hour ago and was at 375!!!

i have no idea what is going on and feel completely out of control with 
everything right now. i hate this feeling. any ideas what might be going 
on??? should i change my infusion site and consider this spot to have bad 
"absorbtion"??? i haven't exercised yet today, but haven't been sedentary 
either. this whole pump thing was supposed to #1, make me able to eat a 
wider variety of foods, as long as i bolused for them. i was also promised 
that my numbers would be more consistent on the pump, but today was 
completely unpredictable. i hate feeling like i am doing something wrong 
with my treatment.

dx. '82 (at age 2), pumping for two and a half weeks.

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