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RE: [IP] Fwd: Paradigm Concerns

I was excluded from upgrading and after calling the regional MM manager and
communicating my disappointment with the 508 and that I was looking at other
pumps, I was told that they would get back to me, which they never did.  I
am really glad that I wasn't able to upgrade because it gave me reason to
look at the rest of the market, and I feel that my change to Animas was a
great improvement and I like it much better.  Thus far the company has been
much better to work with as well.  Granted, your insurance may not cover a
change, but if you change insurance or can do it, I advise everyone to look
at all pumps on the market when you get a chance because technological
advances happen every day and the 508 is a number of years old.

As for training, I don't care much for company sponsored or even my own CDE
pump training.  I've heard reps say that they train for the diabetics who
think that the pump will do everything for them and they won't have to worry
about it any more.  I don't know what percentage of diabetics this includes.
IMO, you have to know the pump and so I read the manuals and followed the
instructions, and the 508 and Animas pumps were fairly easy to plug in and
use. As long as the pump functions as designed, this works great, and I
haven't found the MM tech support to have much more knowledge than the
manuals.  Because you use the pump 24/7, you know the nuances and random and
unexplained events typical of diabetes and delivery systems, perhaps better
than anyone training you who has a functioning pancreas.


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This reply makes me angry, this is marketing double talk.  Minimed has
handled the upgrade process badly.  Minimed's customer service has taken a
nose dive as far as this pumper is concerned, but after they get 18,000 of
upgraded with the Paradigm and proprietary infusion sets they have four
to improve customer relations before we have to make a choice between
or another pump company.
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