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[IP] Fwd: Paradigm Concerns

This reply makes me angry, this is marketing double talk.  Minimed has 
handled the upgrade process badly.  Minimed's customer service has taken a 
nose dive as far as this pumper is concerned, but after they get 18,000 of us 
upgraded with the Paradigm and proprietary infusion sets they have four years 
to improve customer relations before we have to make a choice between Minimed 
or another pump company.  
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Thank you for sharing your concerns.  

You may be able to schedule your training so that you do not end up with a
bunch of extra 508 supplies.  If none of the dates work for you,  please
call the number provided with your 'how to sign up' letter and they will
give you the details on how to get alternative training (it will be much
later than if you go to a group meeting).  If another supply order is
required before your training, the sales folks will figure out how to send
you a mix of supplies so that you can make a very smooth transition. 

Yes, the meetings are in groups of roughly 50 but these groups are split
into groups of 5 or so (one small group to a table).  There will be
provisions for privacy. 

We will be using certified pump trainers and MiniMed Nurses.   Your CDE is
very likely to have gone through the same certification process as the
people we will be using.   If you desire additional training from your CDE,
you can arrange for that after your pump start.  

If you think about it, the exchange program is an exceptional offer.  For a
small effort on your part, you are receiving the latest pump technology that
is valued at over $5000, free training, and a chance to meet some other

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Yes, I've signed up.  I'm very uncertain about going with the Paradigm.  I 
will also be left with supplies that I'm told I cannot trade out because
are more than thirty days old.  I've also been told by your people that the 
trainings will be held in hotels, fifty of us at a time, no privacy for set 
changes.  I would much rather see my own CDEs to go through this mandatory 
training at my own expense.  In my area the closest city is Detroit, but no 
clue as to where in Detroit.  If I wait until I go through all the supplies 
that I have before I sign up for training, who knows how long that could 
take.  I chose Minimed on the advice of my CDEs and because of the upgrade.

Now the people I trust to train are left out of the loop and the upgrade is 
not sounding as appealing as it did in the beginning.  You've got a whole
of very frustrated pumpers, myself being one of them, I don't believe that I

will choose Minimed next time.
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