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Re: [IP] Re: Off-pump procedures...

> > When my daughter has done this, we just use regular every 4 hours for
> > basal and Humalog for bolus. This was injected directly into the seal
> > of the infusion set.
> I'm confused!   How do you inject directly into the seal of the
> infusion set (we use Quick-Sets)????    Also,  did you replace the
> total amount of basals for four hours as one dose of Regular?
Hi Barbara,

I don't know how you would inject into a QuickSet, I've never 
examined one in detail and don't have one here. With a SofSet, Ultra, 
or Tender/Sil/Comfort set it is very straightforward. You carefully 
insert a standard insulin syringe into the silastic sealing membrane 
-- not too deep or it will puncture the tube on the other side -- and 
shoot in the insulin. 

Re: the basal amount, just used the total of basal for the 4 hour 
period as the dose once every 4 hours. My observation is that regular 
peaks over about a 4 hour period and tails off after 7-8 hours. This 
produces a pretty smooth basal effect for Lily if it is used every 4 
- 5 hours. YMMV.

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