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[IP] Generexs insulin spray Oralin is much closer to commercialization


Get the Inside scoop on why Generexs Insulin Spray is at the front of the 

While Exubera is put on hold for 2002.

Todays Wall Street Journal reports that GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK), the 
makers of the popular Type 2 drug Avandia, is about to sign an agreement 
with Nobex Corp. to develop an oral insulin drug. While this development is 
interesting the real news is whats missing from the article. While the 
article mentions Emisphere Technologies (NASDAQ:EMIS) and Model portfolio 
member Generex Biotechnology (NASDAQ:GNBT) as other companies who also in 
the race, NO mention is made of Exubera (Exubera is Pfizers (NYSE:PFE) 
attempt at inhaled insulin) or Aradigm (NASDAQ:ARDM) whos partnered with 
Model Portfolio member Novo Nordisk (NYSE:NVO).

Could it be that the street has finally awakened to the fact that insulin 
thats absorbed through the lungs just wont fly? Something that Diabetic 
Investor has been saying for several years.

Theres no question that should someone successfully develop a 
non-injectable form of insulin that it would be a major commercial success. 
Diabetes is growing at epidemic rates and insulin therapy is gaining greater 
acceptance in the medical community. The fact of the matter is, while oral 
medications such as Avandia do a good job of controlling Type 2 diabetes, 
oral medications alone often are not the answer. The American Diabetes 
Association (ADA) estimates that there are over 1 million people with Type 1 
(insulin dependent) diabetes. However, the ADA also estimates that there are 
nearly 15 million people with Type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes. Of 
those 15 million Type 2s Diabetic Investor estimates that there are nearly 
3 to 4 million Type 2s who use insulin as part of their daily treatment 
regiment. Many in the industry also believe that more Type 2s would use 
insulin if it did not have to inject. The fact is with the majority of Type 
2s are treated by a primary care physician who is often reluctant to 
prescribe insulin to their patients because it must be injected.

In a perfect world it would be great if insulin was available in a pill. 
However, there are several significant hurdles to overcome before this ever 
becomes a reality. Progress is being made but we are still years away.

Much closer to commercialization is Generexs insulin spray called Oralin. 
Unlike other attempts at oral insulin, Oralin is not absorbed in the lungs; 
its absorbed in the mouth. Oralin offers another advantage over its 
competitors in that its delivery device is simple to operate and looks much 
like an asthma inhaler. No special instructions, the patient doesnt have to 
carry a cumbersome device, doesnt have to wait to be breathing properly  
just put the device up to the mouth, push and put it back in their pocket or 
purse. Its that simple.

To date all studies indicate that Oralin is both safe and effective, 
something that cannot be said about its competitors. Currently all Phase II 
trials for Oralin have been completed and the company expects to begin Phase 
III trials sometime in the fall. Generex is also partnered with Model 
Portfolio member Eli Lilly (NYSE:LLY).

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