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[IP] Flying With Diabetes: New Precautions

8 Tips to prevent problems

The Transportation Safety Administration offers the following advise for 
persons with diabetes who will be traveling by air:

Notify the screener that you have diabetes and are carrying your supplies 
with you.
Make sure insulin (vials or outer box of individual doses), jet injectors, 
pens, infusers, and preloaded syringes are marked properly (professionally 
printed label identifying the medication or manufacturer's name or 
pharmaceutical label)
There is no limitation on the number of empty syringes that you will be 
allowed to carry through the security checkpoint; however you must have 
insulin with you in order to carry empty syringes through the checkpoint.
Lancets, blood glucose meters, blood glucose test strips can be carried 
through the security checkpoint.
Notify screeners if you're wearing an insulin pump and ask if they will 
visually inspect the pump since it cannot be removed from your person.
Insulin pumps and supplies must be accompanied by insulin with 
professionally printed labels described above.
If possible, advise screeners when/if you are experiencing low blood sugar 
and are in need of medical assistance.
In the event that you encounter problems boarding a flight, you should 
contact the FAA Grounds Security Commissioner at the airport for assistance. 
You should not pack diabetes supplies in checked baggage, because the cargo 
hold temperatures can vary greatly and because you may need the supplies 
during the flight.

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