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[IP] Emotional Stress & Insulin Requirements

Hi All,

In the past Ive seen various postings re. insulin needs increasing/ 
decreasing when the patient is under above average physical/ emotional 
stress.  Specifically.......I generally have very good control with 
desireable numbers pre,post meals etc........Since Sat. I have been bed side 
of a close relative whos Cancer treatments took a drastic turn & my emotions 
& sleep etc have been a roller coaster. I have had some of  the high sugar 
readings I have ever had. The past 3 morning I awoke to reading over 300 & 
injected by needle & need further corrections to lower my extreme highs!! 
Ive change my quicksets everyday thinking perhaps there was something wrong 
with the set, or even a new vial of insulin!! Its just taken my an 
undeterminable large amt in small boluses to bring my glucose levels down. 
(I havent had much of an appetite, so my food intake has been severely 

Anyones similar situations, & thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for everyones input.

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