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[IP] Re: Insulin requirements/Dr. Dean Ornish

> Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 21:06:59 -0500
> From: "Donna"
> My insulin requirement are really bizarre. While the 16 gram carb to insulin
> bolus ratio is fairly normal, I find that anytime after 2 hours I can count
> on 0.1 unit of insulin (correction or residual) will lower my bg 10 mg/dL so
> yes, 1 unit will lower it an unbelievable 100 mg/dL. At least the math is
> really easy. In addition to that, my basals are very low, a total of 5.9
> units for one day. Basically, I  don't question it anymore, just deal with
> it. With diabetes, theory and reality can be very different.  Donna

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] RE: Dr. Ornish Diet
> Are any others here on the diet proscribed by Dr. Dean Ornish?  I have been on
> it for sometime and
> find it to be very effective.
> My post prandial Bg's are rarely above 130 sometimes 135 with a very large
> helping of pasta with
> breads.  Otherwise no problems.

Responding to two at once.  Donna, I am very similar to you, same low basal
requirement, high insulin sensitivity and I also, like "blueberry," follow
the Dean Ornish diet---very low fat, low protein, moderately high carb.
through veg and high fiber bread products.  This means that of course you
are probably going to be at a lower BG in two hours than if you are eating
higher protein and fat combination foods.  As my endo says, the only
solution is: "a snack."  In other words, I "choose" to eat this
way--vegetarian--so you need to do something to get around the fact that you
are making (eating) small hills of food through the day and then potentially
going low as your hill of food quickly flattens out again.  Donna, I'm
guessing that you are probably lean, too. The snacking idea is just keeping
your postprandial BGs in a normal range, something I have gotten used to,
not adding weight.  Just grazing away here.

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