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[IP] strep throat, kidney damage

Initial portion of message cut
Meanwhile, I'm still worried, everytime I check my B/P at one of the "store"
machines, it's been REALLY high, last time it was 165/98 and my pulse was
112.. I often feel completely exhausted even if I haven't been doing
anything, and I get really bad headaches, and I know it's all related, but I
feel like it should be a pretty serious concern of my Dr's, and no one seems
It is serious. Did this doctor just graduate or what? After a strep
infection the kidneys can be damaged. High blood pressure is a symptom  you
need to have further tests, like does he do diabetes or ingrown toenails?
High blood pressure destroys your kidneys. It is the number 2 cause for
dialysis, diabetes is first
A. L. Bender, M. D.
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