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[IP] Re: Insulin choice when off the pump...Lantus vs NPH


I'd suggest learning more about Lantus.  I went on it for several months. I 
found treating my diabetes with it and Humalog for meals to be a lot more 
like the pump vs NPH where it presented it's peak and valleys-  I used about 
2 times the amount of Lantus than my total basal rates using Humalog via the 
pump, but I used a lot less Humalog for meals vs the bolus's I take using the 
pump. My Doc told me that the Lantus helped out with the meals more than my 
basal insulin on the pump-   Also, the Lantus helped me get a nice even rate 
of long acting vs the rise and falls of NPH, and going off the pump, this 
might make a more natural substitute vs the NPH route-  My last A1C on Lantus 
was 7.0...I never got below 8.5 on NPH and had a lot more reactions.  I used 
multiple injections with both-  My NPH was split in the mornings and 
evenings, around 6 am and 6 p.m. and was around 30 units in each injection.  
My Lantus was taken before bedtime and was about 65-70 units.  I only use a 
total of  38 units in my 24 hour pump basel amount- But again, I take about 
twice as much Humalog for meals in bolus's  using the pump vs what I took for 
meals on shots.  I was once told by a good friend that Lantus was the poor 
man's pump!!  Not a bad description for how it worked on me (-:   GL

Bryon Veal
email @ redacted 
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