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Re: [IP] novolog in D-tron

At 10:00 PM 6/18/2002, you wrote:
> > I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before, so please
> > bear with me.  I was at my endo's today and he suggested switching
> > to Novolog in my pump instead of humolog.  I am currently using the
> > prefilled humolog cart. from Lilly for my D-tron and I love them.
> > They save so much time.  My endo showed me prefilled Novolog cart.
> > But, they looked longer to me.  Does anyone know if these prefilled
> > Novolog cart. can be used with the D-tron pump?
> >
>DO NOT use the novo cartridge in the D-tron. Both D and Novo caution
>against this. The cartridge "sort-of" fits and appears to operate but
>it is quite a bit different in size and will eventually damage the
>email @ redacted

And not to mention give you the wrong amount of insulin.

Brian Carter
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