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Re: [IP] Re: Off-pump procedures...

> Hello, all -
> Just would like some input on what is best to do when we're forced
> to revert to shots (like I did a few weeks ago when my 508 died).

When my daughter has done this, we just use regular every 4 hours for 
basal and Humalog for bolus. This was injected directly into the seal 
of the infusion set. Her bg's were as good as on the pump and she did 
not vary her "pump" routine, ate when and what she wanted, etc... 
longest we did it was for 3 days, whereupon she just strapped on the 
new pump and went on her merry way. Note, it is necessary to wake 
once during the night for a basal shot. She's also done this for 
certain "no pump" days where is has been inconvenient or dangerous 
(to the pump) to have a pump on. Specifically when we've been 
floating inner tubes down the river through rapids, etc.... a bash 
against a rock could finish a pump even in a protective case.

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