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Re: [IP] RE: paradigm "waterproof"

> In a message dated 6/17/02 7:49:38 PM Central Daylight Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> > Face it. Pumps are water resistant. You are crazy if you take a $5000 
> > piece of equipment into a hostile environment without checking and/or 
> > replacing the seals on a periodic basis. Think about that. Sure, 
> > splashing around in a pool or taking a shower is one thing, but if 
> > you are going into the ocean or are a serious swimmer, your "water 
> > resistant" pump belongs on dry land.
> > 
> I guess it depends on the pump and the usual YMMV...I too am a SCUBA
> diver and know to take care of equipment....but I believe Animas
> when they tell me it is ok to take the pump in the ocean ...to just

Ok, then if you are a SCUBA diver then you probably already know 
this. I've been diving for over 20 years and an instructor for almost 
that long. and.... unfortunately, I've never owned a piece of 
"underwater equipment" that did not eventually flood at one time or 
another. It's rare for most equipment, but the odds are that it will 
eventually happen with repeated submersion. Everything from simple 
flashlights with two seals (switch and lamp) to re-breather apparatus 
that is designed to be incredibly bullet-proof to flooding. Like I 
said, if you take a $5000 piece of equipment into the water 
repeatedly, be prepared for it to get wet inside SOMEDAY.

email @ redacted
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