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Re: [IP] Need help, high B/P and heartrate...

Sarah Easter wrote:

>Prior to last Chrismas, my B/P was relatively normal, sometimes slightly
>elevated at the Dr's office when I'd just come in from outside running
>across the parking lot to make it to my appointment in time, infant son in
>tow, my heartrate was alreayd reasonable, in the 70's and 80's..
>Then right after Christmas I got strep throat and ended up in the ER almost
>in DKA.. I say almost because I wasn't there yet, but certainly without IV
>fluids I would have been in no time.. and upon arriving my B/P was about
>160/100 and my heartrate 145... since then, I have had elevated b/p's at my
>Dr's office, between 130/75 and 140/90, and my heartrate is rarely below
>100.. even resting, when I check at home, it's about 90-100.  My endo's
>office was only concerned about this once, and so I had some thyroid tests
>done, which actually came back borderline HYPOthyroid, so that wasn't likely
>to be causing my problems, but they've seemed to have just dropped the
>Meanwhile, I'm still worried, everytime I check my B/P at one of the "store"
>machines, it's been REALLY high, last time it was 165/98 and my pulse was
>112.. I often feel completely exhausted even if I haven't been doing
>anything, and I get really bad headaches, and I know it's all related, but I
>feel like it should be a pretty serious concern of my Dr's, and no one seems
>to care.
>A little about me, I'm 21, normal weight, eat reasonably healthy, I'm
>basically already on the same "heart healthy" diet my mom is on becuase she
>tends to come over and eat whatever I have around, so I make sure most of
>what I keep is good for her (the few things that aren't are either
>specifically for my husband or my son).  I have NO idea why my B/P is so
>high, or why my heartrate is so fast, and I really don't know who to go to
>for help!
>Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.
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What about your thyroid.  Type 1 DM is or is thought to be an auto 
immune disease so this can be related to other autoimmune diseases.  Ask 
your doc to check your TSH.  Good luck
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml