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Re: [IP] Gastroparesis

Hi Brooke,

The main way I know for sure if I'm sick from GP is if I throw up food I've
eaten many hours or even days before and it's still pretty much undigested.
When my GP is "acting up", no matter what I eat, I have pain and nausea,
often resulting in persistent vomiting and a trip to the ER for fluids.
When it's not acting up, I can eat almost anything with no problem.

I think I remember reading that many diabetics have it, but never severe
enough to get a diagnosis.  Before my GP diagnosis, I was in the ER a couple
times with "probable food poisoning"--sudden onset of vomiting with no other
signs of illness.  Looking back, I think these may have been early GP
episodes.  In my case, my symptoms have greatly improved as my A1C has come
down.  As usual, YMMV.

Best wishes,

Lisa Mattox

----- Original Message -----
From: "Brooke Means" <email @ redacted>

I was recently diagnosed with Gastroparesis
> (GP)....am not convinced that my diagnosis was correct (I have been
> unable to get a referral for a GI doc and was diagnosed by my endo) I was
> wondering if anyone out there knows if it's possible be to have GP
> or if it's an all the time thing and also if anyone has suggestions for
> symptoms that might be similar to GP but not GP....thoughts???
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