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Re: [IP] Re: Post Meal BGs/Dosing

To be at 140 mg/dL 2 hours after a meal, one would still
>have 1/3 of their basal still working. For me, that means, in order not to
>fall below 80, I could only have 0.6 units of residual insulin. That would
>allow an original basal of 1.8 units. With my ratio of 17 grams of
>carbohydrate per unit of insulin would equal only 30.6 grams of 
>for the meal. Not much of a meal!

Donna, I used to feel that 30 grams of carb, or even 45, was not much of a 
meal either.  It used to make me so mad when the dietitians would put one of 
those diet plans together for me and they'd say something like 30 grams per 
meal, 15 per snack...  I so badly wanted to be able to eat like a "normal" 
person.  But I have actually found that I am sooo much happier not eating 
like a normal person.  And, for me, anyway, it is so much easier to eat five 
or ten grams of carb (from veggies, usually) in a meal than it is to eat 30. 
  Having a little carbohydrate just leaves me wanting more.

The higher postprandial numbers
>do keep my A1c's higher than I'd like and definitely higher than those who
>write about their great results. Yes, they do deserve to feel proud of 
>A1c's but it sure makes some of us feel like just giving up.

And the grass is always greener.  :)  I don't know what your A1Cs are, but I 
don't think that I would've ever been pushed to the extremes that I have if 
my A1Cs weren't *really* high.  Before I started eating low carb I was happy 
with a 12 but was usually closer to 14 and sometimes higher.  If I could eat 
a bunch of carbohydrate and have an A1C of 7 or 8, I think I'd rather do 
that than have my near perfect A1Cs that I put way too much into.  I'd 
really rather be in some middle ground where diabetes was not the focus of 
my life but my blood sugars were still okay (not perfect) - which, I bet, is 
where you are.


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